Its Puzzle Time In Phi Brain S2 !

Unlike last year when Kaito solved the puzzle of “Friendship” as he chased after his bipolar friend Rook, who was part of the P.O.G. This year he is faced with a new danger called “The Orpheus Order”. As Kaito and his friends get closer and closer to solving this years puzzle to figuring out who the Orpheus Order really is. In the first episode we are introduced to some interesting characters.






Freecell– (looks like he could be Rook’s long lost brother)

Each of them holding a personal grudge against Kaito. I guess a man can’t be liked by everyone unless your Shugo from Nakaimo- My little sister is among them! But puzzles aren’t always a game in Kaito’s case as he learns more about himself everyday. He ends up being accused of being selfish, a liar, a traitor and a murder of a homicide. Seems Kaito killed Freecell’s mother or so it is said. Putting the aside, if you pay attention closely you can see potentially love brewing. As fans hope the forever to be friends, Kaito and Nonhana become a puzzle loving couple. As we find her in one episode (ep.36) playing with a puzzle Kaito had gave her when they were kids. But this love affair may never occur because of the shocking ending of the latest episode (ep.43). Our dear heroin goes to solve Herbert’s puzzle at the Orpheus Order’s domain when the puzzle collapses. With a deep feeling of despair we are left to wonder if our hero will miraculously survive or will his puzzle days come to an end. However, I don’t think the authors will kill off our puzzle loving heroin just like that but you never know.


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