Fire Drill Sweets

Chitose Get You #7

The school is having a fire drill and everything is out of proportion. Teachers are setting off fire alarms.

Chitose and her friends are… what are they wearing?

Students get a view of their teachers panties.

Hinako is doing some strange chant  on top of the school building.

This fire drill is not a normal one. Good thing it is not the real deal.

Humanity Has Declined #7

Humanity has declined so sweets are not being made as much as they use too. So the fairies are causing trouble and they won’t be satisfied until they  get more sweets.

But before I go on can someone tell me what is up with the dog?

Anyways, those sneaky fairies cause our sweet pink-haired friend to go into a time loop using bananas.

Each time she eats a banana she slips and goes back in time. She goes through the same time period over and over again. This creates multiple clones of her and the fairies use them to make sweets for them.

Too bad our friend is too dumb-founded to realize what is going on.  In the end the fairies get their sweets and… whats up with all the dogs?

And who is this kid? Could he be the assistant she had been looking for this whole time?

Well we won’t know until the next episode. Too bad that banana doesn’t take you to the future then we could find out.


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