Fruits Basket

This is a story about the Sohma family. The Sohma family is cursed, every time they are touched by someone of the opposite sex they turn into one of the Chinese zodiac signs. Chinese zodiac signs are the rat, ox, rabbit, dog, dragon, snake, horse, goat, rooster, pig and cat ( yes, the cat is a zodiac sign even though no one claims it as one). Well Tohru’s mother died so she had been living in a tent in the woods. But Yuki Sohma, her classmate saw her and invited her to live at his house. Ever since that day Tohru’s whole life changed. She has to live in the house with boys and keep the family secret.


Tohru Honda

Yuki Sohma (Rat)

Kyo Sohma (cat)

Shigure Sohma (dog)

Momiji Sohma (rabbit)

Hatori Sohma (seahorse)

Hatsaharu Sohma (cow)

Ritzsu Sohma (monkey)

Ayame Sohma (snake)

Kisa Sohma (tiger)

Hiro Sohma (sheep)

Kagura Sohma (pig)

Saki Hanajima (Tohru’s friend)

Arisa Uotani (Tohru’s friend)

Akito Sohma (??)

Favorite Episode:

Episode #9 , Every year it is a tradition that the Sohma family goes to the main house for New Year’s Eve. Yuki, Kyo and Shigure can not bring Tohru because it is an exclusive zodiac banquet, which means Tohru has to spend the holiday alone. Tohru tells them they can go and that she will be alright. But on their way to the Sohma house Saki tells them that this will be the first New Year’s Tohru will have without her mother. When Yuki and Kyo think about how  Tohru   may have not really wanted them to go they race back to house. Only to find Tohru crying by herself and in the end they don’t go to the Sohma house. But instead watch the sun come up on the roof together.




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4 thoughts on “Fruits Basket

  1. I’ll just say it right now: I hate the Fruits Basket anime. Why? Simply because in it, Tohru is an absolute Mary-Sue. There are only hints of conflict, and it’s not until the very last episode that I can see a glimpse that there is more to her than a smile, and more to the situation than what they’re showing. Unfortuantely, this meant that I put off reading the FANTABULOUS manga for years, which fleshes out and makes Tohru a *real* character instead of a charicature, and resolves all the drama. The manga? I adore. The anime? No.

    • Sorry to hear you don’t like it but I understand where you are coming from so I don’t blame. Mangas do always end up being better than the anime. But my feelings won’t be changed toward this anime and it is still my top five.

      • Thankfully, the manga aren’t always better than the anime (Princess Tutu manga was absolutely miserable!), but I like complete stories and solid character development, and that’s something the FB anime didn’t offer at all. But you like what you like, and I can respect that.

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