Usagi Drop

A 30 year old bachelor named Daikichi goes to his grandfather’s funeral. He meets a 6 year old girl named Rin, who he finds out to be his grandfather’s child. Daikichi has never liked children but his heart is suddenly swayed when his relatives have a meetin about what to do with Rin. Daikichi decides to take custody of her even though he knows nothing about raising a child. The two become very close as the days go by and feel more comfortable around each other. They also meet some amazing friends along the way. Rin makes a best friend named Kouki and Daikichi gets attracted to Kouki’s mother, Yukari. Daikichi also meets up with Rin’s mother, Masako who tells him her  hard decision on leaving Rin. Daikichi and Rin may be one odd pair but they were meant to be with each other.


Rin Kaga

Daikichi Kawachi

Kouki Nitani

Yukari Nitani

Masako Yoshii

Special Moments:

Episode #1- Daikichi and Rin begin to slowly open up to each other


Episode #3 & 9- Daikichi and Rin spend quality time with friends and family.


Daikichi and Rin start looking more like father and daughter.


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4 thoughts on “Usagi Drop

  1. They say the manga turned bad after the time skip. Well, this anime series is a piece of work. The characters are lovable and the circumstances are quite realistic. It’s not often to encounter an emotionally invested drama series like this.

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