Shugo Chara


In the generation we live in today may people are afarid to be themselves. We want to fit in so badly that we hide behind a mask. That mask shows everyone what they want to see but behind that mask is who we truly are. We pretend to be someone we are not and our true self becomes absorbed by it. But is it worth it to please other people? What about yourself? Can we have one person out of every hundered to just be themselves… no one else. I never truly thought of this myself until I watch Shugo Chara. Amu, the main character tried so hard to please other people and so she became the “Cool & Spicy” girl. But that is not the true Amu and she realizes that. So she wishes that these so called “character guardians” could help her find her true self. Each one of the those wonderful guardians helped her become comfortable about being herself.

Amu Hinamori was viewed by others as a “cool and spicy” girl. But she is truly not that way at all. After wishing for the courage to be her “would-be” self, she discovers three eggs in her bed. With her guardian characters, she fights the Easter Company who is extracting people’s eggs to create X Eggs & X Characters in search of a special egg called the Embryo.

Season 1&2 Characters:
Amu Hinamori-(guardian characters: Ran, Miki, Su, Dia)
Tadase Hotori-(Kiseki)
Nadeshiko/Nagihiko Fujisaki-(Temari, Rhythm)
Souma Kukai-(Diachi)
Yuika Yaya-(Pepe)
Mashiro Rima-(Kusukusu)
Sanjo Kairi-(Musashi)
Tsukiyomi Ikuto-(Yoru)
Hoshina Utau-(II, EI)

#1 Reason I Am A Fan:
I A HUGE IKUTOxAMU FAN! From the moment they first met they shared a connection. That connection grew over time and it became love. But sadly Amu has her eyes on Tadase not Ikuto. Personally, I do not know what is wrong with her.


Anyways, the real reason I am such a fan is because of how colorful it appears. This is one of the most colorful series I have ever seen. Each stroke draws your attention and your eyes go straight to the focus points. Many artist surround their most visual areas with dark, gray-ish colors. Which only shows you the beauty of that one area. But Shugo Chara has color in each and every corner. Your attention is drawn to one area but you become fully mesmerized by the colors around it. It truly displays the wonderful colors we miss with the naked eye day by day.

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