I know many of you are thinking “what is up with the lame title?” Well I watched Kokoro Connect episode #7  and as many of you may know their desires are being unleashed. Iroi’s desire is unleashed because of the tension in the classroom and shouts “Yahoo!” in the middle of a quiz. So I’ve been shouting “Yahoo!” all day when it gets quiet. But anyways, that is the reason for the title. (I am so weird xD )

Kokoro Connect #7

Yui has not been coming to school since the incident that happened last episode, when she beat up several boys and got arrested. The club is getting concerned so they go over to her house to check up on her. Yui tells them to leave but despite her request they enter her room thanks to Inaba.

They find out that Yui has been hiding in her room because she doesn’t want an incident like last time to happen again. So if she stays away from people she can not hurt anyone. When Inaba hears this her desire is unleashed and shares her true feelings about situation.

After sharing some very intense feelings with Yui she keeps quiet the next day at school. Taichi being the usual selfless freak goes to talk to Inaba. But during the conversation Taichi’s desire is unleashed and he shares his true feelings with Inaba. Causing Inaba  to walk away frustrated and in tears.


With everyone sharing their true feelings more people are getting hurt. Will their friendship survive or break from all the misunderstanding?

Dog Days #7

I really enjoyed this episode so I don’t want  to spoil it for those of you who haven’t seen it. So, I will tell you just a bit of what is going on. Well the new interesting characters are back from last episode, the Demon King and Hero King. Our characters are having a mouse problem. Someone call the exterminator because they’re gonna need it.

Everyone  is getting younger and I mean younger. They are so cute ❤

Well everyone except for Sink and the Prince. Lets just say they are 10 times manlier than last time.

But even with the age changes and giant demon mouse our heroes save the day once again.


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