Rivals Are Born

Kokoro connect #10 : Rivals Are Born

Inaba has been excluding herself from the group lately and no one knows why. Apparently, she has been running away from the truth and the truth is killing her. Not literally killing but it’s causing her to break. She has been hiding her feelings for Taichi too long and now they are out. Iroi chases down Inaba to get the truth and ends up telling her off in the process. Iroi’s big question is why Inaba would support her in having a relationship with Taichi if she likes him too.  Iroi understands that Inaba doesn’t want to ruin their friendship but she doesn’t want Inaba regretting it later. I understand that Iroi wants to support Inaba too but she might be the one regretting it later. Iroi and Inaba are best friends and each others biggest supporters but they are also now each others biggest rivals.

Favorite Episode Pics:


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