Don’t Mess With Sket Dance

SKET Dance #75

Katou Kiri’s past has come back to haunt him. Katou’s teacher from the past comes to Kaimei Academy. But this teacher has a bullying problem and he  goes around harassing the students. Katou  has a strong hatred for him because of an incident that happened years ago. But this “big bad” teacher digs his own grave when harasses one of the Sket-dan members, Himeko.


This pushes the trained ninja Katou over  his limit and he plans his revenge. The next day there is a live cam website written on the school building and when Sket-dan check it out they find the teacher hanging from a tree.

Bossun and Tsubaki go to stop Katou before he ends up killing him.

They manage to get Katou to untie him but matters just get worse. The teacher threatens to keep harassing them and make their lives miserable, especially Himeko’s. Before he could say anymore  Bossun gives him something he won’t forget.


If that teacher knows what is good for him then he won’t come back.





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