Your Me and I’m You

Dog Days #11

Princess Millihi and Sink go to Yukikaze’s house the day after the Union Festival. While Millihi is there she finds a strange object that looks like an egg. When she hands it to Sink the egg cracks and blue fog fills the room.  The blue fog disappears and a small white creature, which looks like one of the local gods appears. But that isn’t all, Millihi, Sink and Yuki have switched bodies.

So now Sink is Yuki, Yuki is Millihi, Millihi is the mysterious creature and the mysterious creature is Sink. I know it is a bit confusing, right? So now Sink has to go find himself to change them back. But he could be anywhere or maybe just up a nearby tree. In the end they were able to switch back into their own bodies.


6 thoughts on “Your Me and I’m You

  1. loved this episode and i liked at the end*SPOILER*where yuki says she’ll try to reproduce it and switch with Sink, hope they do this one more time as a gag

  2. I hope so, but it’s sad that it’s only 12 episode, hopefully it will get a third season and have another freaky friday flip episode that lasts longer or is more funny, i’d like to see Sink as Yukikaze again he was just so funny being in her body and just well…i’m sure you get it lol

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