All New Hayate No Gotoku!

Hayate No Gotoku! Can’t Take My Eyes Off You #1

The episode begins off with Nagi in the desert in the middle of nowhere. She calls out for Hayate but she remembers that he won’t come because he is no longer her butler. A nice foreshadow that keeps you wandering through the whole episode “What Happened”. Then it goes back to present time, Hayate is trying to wake up Nagi. If you seen the previous seasons you know that Nagi’s #1 characteristic is her laziness. After Nagi wakes up the episode takes some interesting turns. Mari gets a phone call from the Nevada police department about Nagi’s father. Ironically, Nagi is also kidnapped again like she was in beginning of season 1. Hayate encounters a girl and we find out she has a close relationship with someone he knows.

In this season there is also what seems like a female storyteller and she shows up quite a few times.

“Although the characters have gone through an artistic transformation, their personalities haven’t changed.”

                                                                                                             – Sistergirl


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