From The New World

Shin Sekai Yori (From the New World) #1

Watanabe Saki isn’t like normal people but she is special because she has the power of Telekinesis.


She has finally graduated Harmony Elementary school. In the episode she goes through a ceremony at the Temple of purification to complete her graduation. She now is attending a new school with all her friends who share the same power she has and is apart of the unified class.

 Akizuki Maria

 Aonuma Shun

 Asahina Satoru

Good thing too or she may have been like all the other students who vanished  mysteriously because they didn’t graduate. Rumors are saying that it is the doing of the Trickster cat/Impure Cat that comes and takes your soul but those are just rumors, right? Although this episode leaves you a bit confused I am sure it all make sense soon.


7 thoughts on “From The New World

    • I think it will be interesting to see what they will do with the power of telekinesis. I can only think of two ways the story can go, either they use their power for the benefit if man-kind or the end up being invincible murderous like in Elfen Lied and they go around blowing people’s brains out. I also compared this show to society now where we have parents who can’t protect their kids from creepiers. I kind of got the feeling that old guys in the beginning are going around kidnapping little kids. But truthfully its hard to say exactly what I think because I didn’t fully understand what the I was watching. But overall it is something I would watch again. What did you think?

      • My take on it is that the land with the school is either an alternate dimention of some sort, or a land apart from the one in the beginning. From what’s happening, with kids disappearing, I’m wondering if the kids from the very beginning might be ones blessed with a Spirit (okay, they have to be), but were stolen away by the Cat for whatever reason.

        The Education Committee seems to be in charge of who gets the spirits or not, and definitely might be the ones who kill off (?) the kids who don’t make the cut to the Unification Class. I’m wondering if the Impure Cat is trying to steal the kids away so they can’t be used for nefarious purposes. It might be that they feel that we (as beings from outside the barrier) are demons, and they’re sent to kill us off. It’s shown from the story told about the ogre that the villagers hold that as the standard of honor and protecting the village is one of the most important things.

      • Seems like you’ve got a full grip of the situation. I must have been spacing out through the whole episode. But great advice, I went back to look at most of my post and notice that I only gave a summary for each show. I did use some of my own thought but not enough to let readers know exactly what I thinking. But anyways back to episode, if it is another dimension then I think their telekinesis will play a big part on how they find a way out and defeat this mysterious cat.If they can…

      • Actually, no I don’t. I use MyAnimeList to keep track of the anime I watch, and the synopsis you get for the anime page (which I needed to be on to add it to my list!) spoils the whole premise. There is one part I’m right about, but…. Dangit!

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