My Little Monster

My Little Monster #1

Mizutani Shizuku devotes her time each day to studying so she can have the top scores in school. Shizuku tries to keep to herself and avoid any unnecessary communication.

But this top of the class student just may have found the one person who will bring liveliness to her boring life. That person is Yoshida Haru, an intimidating guy who loves to pick a fight. Although he can take a punch he is also pretty dense.

Haru had been suspended from school because her got into a nasty fight with the upperclassmen. Shizuku was just supposed to give him a couple handouts from school but ended up making a new friend in the process.  Haru claims her as his new friend and starts following her around. He even starts going back to school just to be next to her. As the two spend more time with each other confessions arise and new feelings are discovered. Shizuku starts to notice that Haru might not be as bad as everyone thinks he is.


One thought on “My Little Monster

  1. It’ll be so interesting anime series if animax will put a subtittle again caus not all understand japanese language just like me a filipino fanatic of anime and animax channel.from:omaimah laguindab who lves animax so much

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