Zetsuen no Tempest

Zetsuen no Tempest #1

Kusaribe Hakaze crawls out a barrel that has washed out on a beach.


I don’t know how she got there or where she came from but I’d hate to be her. Not only was she in a barrel but she is now stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere.


She blames her situation on this guy named Samon.


It seems that Hakaze and Samon have some bad history between them. As the episode moves on we are introduced to this guy named Yoshino. He seems to be having some trust problems because he mentions a promise over and over again. “How much weight does a promise carry” he says. What promise? Did he make a promise to his girlfriend? Did he break a promise that has been bothering him since childhood? But he seems to have more problems than some stupid promise. A women named Fraulein Yamamoto-san confronts him at the cemetery on his way from  school claiming she wasn’t a “shady character”. She most take this guy as a fool if she thinks just because she says she is not a shady character that he is actually going to believe her, especially if she has a gun.

She starts making threats and asking if he knew a guy by the name of Fuwa Mahiro.

Apparently, Mahiro and Yoshino go way back and were best friends until he mysteriously disappeared after his sister’s death. Then these butterflies come out of no where. I have no idea what  the butterflies are for or where they came from but I think they have to do with some type of Magic. Because Mahiro swoops in out of nowhere and beats this lady’s face in, literally.



Maybe he rode on a magical giant butterfly? (But that would be kind of lame). Mahiro came across this bottle that was washed up on a beach while he was gone. Inside was a doll, a piece of wood and a message (The old message in the bottle).  By hammering a nail in the doll, he traded his soul for a wish to be granted. (Dolls and souls sounds familiar…makes me think of Hell Girl. Expect now one is going to hell.)

Mahiro wishes that he could find the person who killed his sister and the one to grant his wish is Hakaze, the girl in the barrel. Hakaze is apparently the most powerful mage known to man.

So now Mahiro is a mage and he has to help Hakaze stop whatever the “The Family” is trying to summon.  “The Family” has been spreading an infectious disease called Black Iron Syndrome.


The people in the city start to metallicize, a physic phenomenon that turns organic life into metal.


“The Family” is trying to gain enough power to awaken this powerful being.


What is this powerful being, what power does it hold and why must it be stopped? Their only hope is stuck on an island in the middle of nowhere.


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