Girls und Panzer

Girls und Panzer#1

Nishizumi Miho  wanted to attend a school that didn’t offer Tankery. First of all, what school has such such a dangerous class. Why not tea, pottery or cooking class? I can kinda understand why she doesn’t want to go to a school with Tankery. So, she starts off her first day of school at Oarai High School.


On her first day she makes two wonderful friends Takebe Saori and Isuzu Hana.


She was enjoying her first day of school until she gets paid a visit by the student council. The student council tells Miho that she needs to pick Tankery as a elective this year.


Tankery? But Miho specifically came to this school because it didn’t offer Tankery or so she thought. Apparently the school decided to bring  back Tankery this year and they have a school assembly to show off how great Tankery is. How Tankery can make a girl a better wife, a hard worker, a better women. That every man would fall for a girl that takes Tankery.  That is a whole bunch of BS but the girls are so naive they fall for it. Well every girl expect for Miho. Miho refuses to take Tankery even though her friends want to do it with her. Her refusal may have something to do with the flashbacks in the episode of someone drowning. Its possible she had a bad experience while training in Tankery one day and now she is traumatized.

When the student council finds out she has refused to take Tankery they start making threats about getting Miho kicked out the school if she doesn’t. But with her friends beside her, they planned to fight for her till the very end.

Miho sees how hard her friends will fight to keep her happy and decides to do the same for them. She puts the past behind her and steps forward into her new future. Her future with new her friends and Tankery.



5 thoughts on “Girls und Panzer

  1. I almost wanted to add this to my watching list! I thought it was going to be something like Upotte, but this one looks like it has some serious plot going through it. Good job!

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