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Muse’s First Concerto

Love Live! School Idol Project #3


The girls have reherase their moves, memorized their lyrics, chosen their costumes and are ready for some action. Muse, the new school’s idols are going to perform their first concert. The girls have waited for this moment but their nerves are getting to them. After so needed encougarement their butterflies go away and the stage is set!

Love Live! episode 3

As the girls hold each other’s hands the excitment builds. The curtain rises and tensions rises along with it. Confidence has been restored as the begin to calm down. Their eyes are closed, probably creating and replaying their imaginations of this soon to be perfect moment. As the curtain gets higher the take a deep breath. They slowly open their eyes to capture their audience’s faces…

Love Live! episode 3 (pic 2)

…only to realize their worst fears.

Love Live! episode 3 (pic 3)



Love Live! School Idol Project #2

The girls have been working really hard to earn their title as Otonokizaka High School’s “School Idols”. Honoka realizes that being an idol isn’t as cracked up as she thought it would be. There is a lot of exercise and smiling involved.

Then they have to think of a what they are going to wear. That itself takes some time and preparation. But Kotori has that department under control. (Yeah, wardrobe is much more important than music it seems.)

After coming up with ideas for wardrobe, next is music. They come up with some great lyrics but they need a composer. Honoka thinks of Nishikino, who she saw playing panio after school one day. But sadly she is rejected a few times before Nishikino finally decides to help out and their new song is amazing!

They also face some minor trials like when Umi trys to back out because doesn’t wear a mini skirt. Then Honoka and Kotori have to beg Umi to write some lyrics for their new song. (Umi is a bit problematic and she takes things way too seriously.)

Through all the challenges the girls have faced so far they haven’t give up. Hopefully all their hard work will be a success or it just cause them to fail miserably.

Getting Started

Mangirl #2

Shinobu-sensei is creating the storyboard for Comic Earth Star’s Editorial Staff’s first project. Hana, the editor-in-chief doesn’t seem to know how to do her job. The artist ends up telling Hana what to do as she helps her with some suggestions. Although Hana’s knowledge from reading manga does contribute to some ideas, she just wants the protagonists to say her name. Its surprising they even made it this far with the lack of experience they have.

Mangirl episode 2

Mangirl #3

Comic Earth Star’s Editorial Staff go out for a gravure shoot for the magazine. Sakuradai Kiiro was there beautiful model for the day. Even though their were slight problems like Hana blinding the Kiiro with her mirror, the shooting was a success.

Sakuradai Kirro

Sakuradai Kirro (Mangirl!)

Kirro is so cute. I love the pictures they took. I’m sure the magazine will be a hit! Well as long as they don’t screw up…

The ESP Club

Kotoura-san #2

Kotoura has gotten used to her new life. She gets up in the morning excited to meet her new friend, Manabe. everyday.  She is also attracting a lot of attention which can be good and bad. During the day she gets an unexpected visit from Mifune Yuriko and she wants Kotoura to join the ESP Research Society.

Mifune YurikoBefore any response can be made Mifune Yuriko kidnaps Kotosura along with Manabe and takes them to the club room. But they won’t be able to leave the club room while this crazy blue head chick is around.ESP ClubEven though everything seems normal there is always a catch. Mifune wants Kotosura to help her with a fortune-telling business to prove that people with these types of special abilities are real. She shares a piece of her dark past that helps in the persuasion to get Kotosura to help out. (I guess you can always win someone over with sympathy.)

Mifune's pastThe fortune-telling was going well until jealousy sneaks in. Moritani Hiyori and her clique come to kill the mood. Moritanti is jealous of Kotosura because she has been spending a lot of time around Manabe, who by the way she has a crush on. She makes sure she said her mouth full so that Kotosura understands how much she despises her.

Moritani HiyoriJealousy is scary, really scary.  All of her words and actions were uncalled for.  They were also upsetting to Kotosura. Bringing back the memories of her past.

Kotosura the fortune tellerWhen the world was looking up to her it came crashing down again. Thanks to Moritani history may just start to repeat itself.

Love Live! School Idol Project

Otonokizaka Academy is closing. There are not enough students attending the school. All the students are disappointed and upset. But Honoka seems to be taking it pretty hard.

honoka kosakaAlthough everyone else has accepted it, Honoka can’t let it go. She wants to save the school and will stop at nothing to do it. With her friends supporting her they try to help too.


Thats when she had the greatest idea ever. They would become idols. School idols! This plan could go smoothly if they are capable of being idol material. But before they can take this plan into action they must first get the approval of the student council. Not so bad at least thats what I thought. Sadly, they needed five members and even if they did it wouldn’t have been approved anyway.

love live! school idol project

The dream of being school idols and saving the school doesn’t look to good. If they are truly determined though I am sure they won’t give up just yet or else it wouldn’t be called Love Live! Student Idol Project.  I loved the opening song and how it connects with the ending of the episode as the closing song as well. (You’ll understand what I’m talking about if you watch it.)


Loneliness and hatred are feelings no one should have to experience especially at a young age. Kotoura Haruka knows of them well and she has learned to accept them. But before she knew of these feelings she knew of happiness. She had a loving mother and father, a caring grandfather, and friends. She laughed. She smiled.

Kotoura's family

Then that smile started to slowly faded away. Kotoura started using her ability to read people’s mind. She started reading people’s mind and people started to avoid her. They called her a liar even though she spoke the truth. Then everything came crashing down in an instant. Her father stopped coming home so her mother started drinking.

Kotoura's mother drunk

Then she left.

Mommy wait

Kotoura lost everything and everyone she loved.


But then she meet Manabe…

Kotoura & Manabe

…and her smile that had been gone for so long came back. This could be a new start for Kotoura or just the beginning of another disappointment.

My thoughts:

Kotoura-san doesn’t lack humor and has the potential to being a likable series. The story plot is different which will draw viewer’s attention. The whole idea of a girl with mind reading powers is intriguing to me.

Cuticle Detective Inaba

Inaba Hiroshi is a werewolf police dog legend. He activates his werewolf powers by chewing on hair. With the help of his assistants Nozaki Kei and Sasaki Yuuta-kun he gets the job done. In the first episode Detective Ogi-san asked Inaba to hunt down Valentino, an evil mastermind who has been stealing Japan’s money. When Inaba goes to find Valentino…you wouldn’t believe what he finds…

A Goat?!

He finds a goat! The big bad thief is a goat. On top of that the only reason he steals the money is to eat it.

Money EaterHe is eating money! He desires a kick in the face from every poor person.

Kick the goatOne down hundred billion more people to go.  That doesn’t include the millions of wealthy people who are wondering where their savings are at.

phone callBesides that the goat hires an assassin named Gabriella to kill Inaba. Gabriella only kills guys over 162 centimeters because she has a short guy fetish.

fetishGabriella sets up trap to meet Inaba by portraying as Inaba’s younger brother, who ran away two years ago and Inaba has been looking for him ever since.

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