Encouragement of Climb

encouragement of climb

Ugh!! What the heck is up with all these 3 minute shows! This series should be more than 3 minutes! Why do I feel like I been repeating myself through this season’s anime?! Within those 3 minutes your introduced to the characters Aoi Yukimura and Hinata-chan. They have known each other since middle  school and they are entering their first year of high school. Aoi and Hinata use to climb mountains for fun last year but this year is a bit different because Aoi has recently become afraid of heights. Apparently she fell and was hospitalized after breaking a couple bones. But Hinata on the other hand is excited and ready to go climbing once again. But will Aoi be able to get over her fears? She says she likes “indoor activities” now and only climbing you can do indoors is rock climbing.


3 thoughts on “Encouragement of Climb

  1. I think its to be convenient to some peeps. Some people are in a rush for time and hence 3 minutes seems to be a good duration. Or it’s easier for the producers because they can just air it in between programme segments on Japanese TV.

    But normally when I see these short series it just turns me off.

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