Loneliness and hatred are feelings no one should have to experience especially at a young age. Kotoura Haruka knows of them well and she has learned to accept them. But before she knew of these feelings she knew of happiness. She had a loving mother and father, a caring grandfather, and friends. She laughed. She smiled.

Kotoura's family

Then that smile started to slowly faded away. Kotoura started using her ability to read people’s mind. She started reading people’s mind and people started to avoid her. They called her a liar even though she spoke the truth. Then everything came crashing down in an instant. Her father stopped coming home so her mother started drinking.

Kotoura's mother drunk

Then she left.

Mommy wait

Kotoura lost everything and everyone she loved.


But then she meet Manabe…

Kotoura & Manabe

…and her smile that had been gone for so long came back. This could be a new start for Kotoura or just the beginning of another disappointment.

My thoughts:

Kotoura-san doesn’t lack humor and has the potential to being a likable series. The story plot is different which will draw viewer’s attention. The whole idea of a girl with mind reading powers is intriguing to me.


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