Love Live! School Idol Project

Otonokizaka Academy is closing. There are not enough students attending the school. All the students are disappointed and upset. But Honoka seems to be taking it pretty hard.

honoka kosakaAlthough everyone else has accepted it, Honoka can’t let it go. She wants to save the school and will stop at nothing to do it. With her friends supporting her they try to help too.


Thats when she had the greatest idea ever. They would become idols. School idols! This plan could go smoothly if they are capable of being idol material. But before they can take this plan into action they must first get the approval of the student council. Not so bad at least thats what I thought. Sadly, they needed five members and even if they did it wouldn’t have been approved anyway.

love live! school idol project

The dream of being school idols and saving the school doesn’t look to good. If they are truly determined though I am sure they won’t give up just yet or else it wouldn’t be called Love Live! Student Idol Project.  I loved the opening song and how it connects with the ending of the episode as the closing song as well. (You’ll understand what I’m talking about if you watch it.)


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