Love Live! School Idol Project #2

The girls have been working really hard to earn their title as Otonokizaka High School’s “School Idols”. Honoka realizes that being an idol isn’t as cracked up as she thought it would be. There is a lot of exercise and smiling involved.

Then they have to think of a what they are going to wear. That itself takes some time and preparation. But Kotori has that department under control. (Yeah, wardrobe is much more important than music it seems.)

After coming up with ideas for wardrobe, next is music. They come up with some great lyrics but they need a composer. Honoka thinks of Nishikino, who she saw playing panio after school one day. But sadly she is rejected a few times before Nishikino finally decides to help out and their new song is amazing!

They also face some minor trials like when Umi trys to back out because doesn’t wear a mini skirt. Then Honoka and Kotori have to beg Umi to write some lyrics for their new song. (Umi is a bit problematic and she takes things way too seriously.)

Through all the challenges the girls have faced so far they haven’t give up. Hopefully all their hard work will be a success or it just cause them to fail miserably.


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