Muse’s First Concerto

Love Live! School Idol Project #3


The girls have reherase their moves, memorized their lyrics, chosen their costumes and are ready for some action. Muse, the new school’s idols are going to perform their first concert. The girls have waited for this moment but their nerves are getting to them. After so needed encougarement their butterflies go away and the stage is set!

Love Live! episode 3

As the girls hold each other’s hands the excitment builds. The curtain rises and tensions rises along with it. Confidence has been restored as the begin to calm down. Their eyes are closed, probably creating and replaying their imaginations of this soon to be perfect moment. As the curtain gets higher the take a deep breath. They slowly open their eyes to capture their audience’s faces…

Love Live! episode 3 (pic 2)

…only to realize their worst fears.

Love Live! episode 3 (pic 3)


6 thoughts on “Muse’s First Concerto

  1. I love Love Live! so much. You know its completely opposite of K-On wherein K-On! they slack around and still get a full audience. Love Live! made me feel so much emotion, probably the true hardships of starting idol groups / bands.

    • Even though the first few episodes seemed sad, just look how far they’ve come now in season 2. I love Love Live because it shows, in realistic sense, how much effort you have to put in to make your dreams come true?

      ~Thanks for stopping by!

      • Me 2. I also luv LOVE LIVE. (Almost like I fell in luv with it.) Every episode is a jaw dropping experience. U will feel Honoka’s anguish on that 1st concert even if you’re not there. Their test of friendship in episode 12, Season 1. But there’s thing I feel like there’s something’s missing. If they won as d best school idol in Season 2, how I wish they(d writers) would given them a grand price – a recording deal.

        I can’t wait for coming movie version on 2015.

        FIGHT DAYO! \m/ ❤ \m/

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