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Love & Its Exteremes II

Amnesia #9: Overprotective Lover


When you love someone you will do anything to protect them. But sometimes a line needs to drawn between simply protecting someone and taking away their freedom. In this episode of Amnesia
Toma’s love for the heroine spirals out of control. He starts off with just druging her but when that doesn’t work he takes it way too far. She is no longer human but treated like an animal. Locked behind caged doors she rendered helpless.


She trusted Toma and can’t seem to understand why he would do this to her when he loves her so much. Toma tells her he is doing this for her protection but the only protecting she needs is from some jerks who won’t stop harassing her. Is the cage truly necessary? Despite being locked up she never says she hates him. She comes to find out that he may be just selfish. He might be doing this to keep her to himself.


GJ’s Little Sisters

GJ Club

 GJ Club #8  

The Good Job Club or GJ Club members are experiencing some intense heat as they try to make the best of their club activities. Because the president, Mao is feeling a bit generous she tells the group that they will go to the pool tomorrow.  Kyoro, the only boy member, is in for a surprise the next day to find out their not the only ones going. Mao has invited Kyoro’s little sister, Kasumi and her friends along with them. Coincidentally, all of Kasumi’s friends happen to the group’s little sisters.  (This group may be odd but they have the most adorable little sisters. )



Kasumi, Kyoro’s little sister

Kasumi is your typical little sister who loves her Onii-chan.



Jill, Kiara’s little sister

Jill is a foreigner from Canada. She speaks English so she carries a whiteboard around to communicate.



Seira, Mao & Megumi’s little sister

Seira is smart and a bit mature for her age. She has a mask on her head that lets out a supernatural power when she doesn’t like something.