Hal the Movie (revised)


Hal, is an heartfelt movie about learning how to recover after losing someone you love. A fatal plane accident destroys the love between the couple, Hal and Kurumi. A robot named Q01 is sent to portray as the dead loved one in hopes of showing the other how to live again.

A robot is sent to repair the hearts of a broken relationship. Hal, “the robot”, visits Kurumi during her time of grieving. Hal is told that Kurumi has stopped eating and hasn’t come out of room since the incident. Hal finds out that Kurumi loved solving Rubik’s cubes. On each Rubik’s cube, Kurumi would write down her wishes. Hal decides to solve all of the Rubik’s cubes to uncover Kurumi’s wishes and fulfills each wish to try to lure Kurumi out of her room. 3778990_orig

As Kurumi starts to open up to Hal more, she lets him into her room. During this time, Kurumi shows Hal a red button. This red button carries all of Kurumi’s memories with the “real” Hal in the past. Kurumi shares with Hal her good and bad memories. Apparently, Kurumi and Hal’s relationship was struggling because of serious financial issues. Kurumi shares with Hal that she and Hal had an argument before the plane accident. Kurumi also, tells Hal that the reason she hadn’t left her room was because she was spending her time fixing the button. She holds the button next to Hal’s heart and sews it on his Kimono.  She apologizes to Hal for not being able to fully understand him. 9278420_orig

Hal devotes his time to care for Kurumi and cherishes ever moment with her. Hal’s wish is to see Kurumi smile again and after a trip to a local festival she does. At the end of a wonderful day at the local festival, Hal discovers the sad truth.



Even after the plane accident Kurumi and Hal were still in love. This couple’s heartbreaking story had me crying until the end. The characters struggled with a sense of regret and guilt. The regret of not being able to share their feelings clearly to one another and the guilt of arguing at the airport before departing. During the movie, I noticed that red button was the key to unraveling the truth of their past. We are shown glimpses of their past, which leaves the viewer trying to figure out what happened with the clues left by the characters. The reason I love this movie is because of the sudden twisted at the end. I must warn you though, the movie starts off slow but it is worth watching until the very end.


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