Kamigami no Asobi (Revised)



In the beginning of the episode, a girl is seen running on what looks like a planet in outer space. The girl is shown crying as she runs toward these guys flying in the air. (Trust me, I was as confused as you are.)

After this short foreshadow, the girl running is introduced as Yui Kusanagi. Yui appears to be a normal high school girl. She spends the morning before the closing ceremony to practice sword fighting. Apparently, Yui has loved swords and martial arts since she was a young girl.


The Kusanagi family lives and works at the local shrine. Yui goes to pray after school and notices a light coming from a near by shed. She goes inside and sees the light coming from a long box on the table. Usually, I would think, when people see strange lights they wouldn’t go anywhere near it but this chick decides she just has to open it. Once Yui notices the sword inside she disappears.

Yui wakes up on the floor of some building she has never seen before. Lost, Yui decides to walk around to see if she can find out where she is, how she got there and how to find a way to get back home.


While she wanders around this unfamiliar building she stumbles upon some beautiful but unfamiliar faces. She attempts to get some information about her situation from each of them, only to find out they are as clueless as she is. After a few encounters with some unfriendly company, Yui becomes nervous and makes finding the way out her top priority.

After while, Yui meets Zeus. Zeus explains why Yui and the others were sent there. He thought it would a great idea to build a  Academy on an island in the middle of nowhere and turn into a school for gods. Yes, the several beautiful men walking around the Academy are gods from different regions. Zeus wants the gods to be educated about love and humanity, which is why he kidnapped Yui. Yui completely freaks out after hearing this. She demands that Zeus sends her back home but he tells her she cannot leave until she educates the naive gods.


The Academy that Zeus made looks freaking amazing! I mean, if I was Yui I don’t know if I would be in a rush to get home anytime soon. Also, While I watched this episode I could not help but to pause the show every 5 seconds to look at all of the outstanding details of this castle.

As Yui meets the different gods in the Academy with her I couldn’t help but notice that she has a “thing” for blondes. She is constantly blushing when she meets Bladr and Apollon. They also seem to be attracted to her as well. Bladr uses his clumsiness as an excuse to get closer to her and Apollon greets her with a kiss on the neck. These gods are extremely bold.


Overall, this anime seems like it will be another interesting reverse harem.


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