A Pilot’s Love Song Ep1 (revised)



Kalel and his sister, Ariel Albus say goodbye to their family before leaving to become pilots. They will be leaving behind two older sisters and their proud father. I assume that Kalel’s mother is deceased because she isn’t shown. Since Kalel calls his father by his name there is a possibly their not blood related either. When the planes take off we are introduced to a potential rival. Her name is Nina Viento and from her appearance she looks like a princess. Kalel has a strong sense of hatred toward Nina. I’m not sure what happen between the two but it must have been terrible for him to want to kill her. On Kalel’s first day he meets an unfriendly pilot, whose name has not been announced yet. This pilot seems to have problem with Kalel which from the looks of it doesn’t appear uncommon for Kalel. Kalel also, meets a shy girl named Clarie Cruz. Clarie has captures Kalel’s heart as he takes her back to her dorm. The dorms are separated by class. Clarie lives with the nobles and Kalel lives with students of lower class. I hope this issue with class doesn’t ruin their relationship.



Nina Viento is the center of Kalel’s hatred. Kalel has flashbacks during the episode and they all seem to be connected to why he hates Nina. From the pieces of the flashbacks this is what I came up with: Kalel’s mother was probably accused of doing something wrong and was arrested by orders from Nina. It looks like one of the flashbacks showed what looked like a house burning down. That house could be Kalel’s but I’m not quite sure. Anyways, I believe Nina Viento is the reason for Kalel’s mothers death. I mean if his mother is dead because they don’t actually come out and say she died.Clarie Cruz was scared when she saw Kalel for the first time. Either she was not suppose where she was at the time or she thought he was someone else. I do have a feeling that she might be the one pilot’s missing partner. Maybe she may have some type of illness. Kalel does mention that she did miss the ceremony before they left. If I was Kalel I would want find out this girl’s story before falling instantly in love with her.


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