Secret Anime Lovers is for anyone and everyone who loves anime. Here you can check up and catch up to the latest anime and manga like Bleach, Naruto, Gintama and so on. 

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  • Why come to animelove.wordpress.com?

I hate when bloggers give you spoilers so I try to keep my post spoiler free. Many bloggers may use references and based their opinion off of someone else. But my opinions are all my own and original. My posts are usually short and simple because no one really has the time to read a long drawn out post.

  •  Why is it call Secret Anime Lovers?

It is called Secret Anime Lovers because it is the one place anyone can go if they feel ashamed of watching anime and you may not believe me but many people do. Also, if you couldn’t watch that one episode  because you were banded from watching TV for a week… or a month then you can come here and get the 411. So you don’t feel left out when everyone talking about tomorrow.

  • What is Anime?

Anime is a Japanese style television animation. But it is also becoming popular in America too. Some anime is like watching a soap opera expect animated and others are entertaining for younger viewers like Pokemon or dragon ball z.


I don’t own most of the pictures being used on this blogging site. If you see your picture and would like me to take it down please let me know. It will taken down asap if not sooner.


10 thoughts on “About

  1. I know several people who love anime…most people just don’t seem to get its intricacies. I just started my own Anime related WordPress…one post as of today, yay!

    I’m proud of loving anime, but it’s tough when you’re like “Anime!” And everyone else goes, “Sports!” And you go, “Lol…what? ^_^”

    • Hello,
      Thank you visiting my blog. It also nice to talk to other people who are inspired to share their interests in anime as well. Congratulations on sharing your first post! Blogging is so much fun and I’m sure you’ll begin to enjoy it. I’ve noticed that there are some people who are ashamed to express their love for anime. My goal is to help those people no longer feel that they have to hide it. Just because a person likes anime, it doesn’t make them “werid”.

      Have a wonderful day! ! ☺

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