And The Problems Continue

Kokoro Connect #11

The random body switching and unleashed desires have finally ceased but their problems haven’t stopped. The culture club members are aging backwards, well not  literally. When they turn younger they are reminded of their past. The memories that have been tucked inside and forgotten have been brought back to the surface. Being reminded of their past is going to draw some unwanted attention and some serious tension. They also have to deal with the problem of transforming without being seen. It’s close to vacation time and looks like a lot of plans are going to have to be canceled. I don’t think anyone  is going to miss a 16-year-old turn into a 4-year-old in public. But there are two positives to this situation: (#1) Getting to know more about each others past will draw them closer and (#2) They are extremely adorable!



Rivals Are Born

Kokoro connect #10 : Rivals Are Born

Inaba has been excluding herself from the group lately and no one knows why. Apparently, she has been running away from the truth and the truth is killing her. Not literally killing but it’s causing her to break. She has been hiding her feelings for Taichi too long and now they are out. Iroi chases down Inaba to get the truth and ends up telling her off in the process. Iroi’s big question is why Inaba would support her in having a relationship with Taichi if she likes him too.  Iroi understands that Inaba doesn’t want to ruin their friendship but she doesn’t want Inaba regretting it later. I understand that Iroi wants to support Inaba too but she might be the one regretting it later. Iroi and Inaba are best friends and each others biggest supporters but they are also now each others biggest rivals.

Favorite Episode Pics:

Love & Its Extremes

“Love is something that you can give or take but it is not something that can be bought or sold away.”

Kokoro Connect #8: The Abusive Lover

An argument starts in the club room and goes a bit too far. Taichi and Aoki are at each other necks as they fight over who cares about Yui more. Iroi steps in the middle of it to keep them from going any farther. She was probably thinking to herself  “Who cares about Yui, What about Me?!”. I mean what girl doesn’t what two boys fighting over her. But as Iroi tries to put the argument to a halt Taichi knocks Iroi to the ground. Luckily  for Iroi she left with a minor bump on the head. This is a sad case of “tough love”. She must really love him because I would got back up and let him have it.


Dog Days #8: Getting closer or too close

Millhi, Princess Milchore and Rebecca have been getting to know each other. Their relationship has went to complete strangers to best friends in a matter of days. One thing that they have in common is that they both have feelings for Sink. Even though they both like Sink instead of being rivals they are each others best supports. That is sweet and all but are they really going to be happy to find out the other is dating the guy they like.  But is Sink the only thing they have feelings for. In the dressing room before Millhi’s performance their feelings start to run wild, is this a sudden confession?

But Millhi and Rebecca aren’t the only ones who have the hots on Sink. With both of the girls out of the picture Ecle, Eclair makes her move. Instead of going through the struggles of confession she goes straight for the kiss. Not just any old kiss but a nice juicy kiss on the lips. She didn’t even give the man a warning. She took his first kiss and he isn’t ever getting that back.  Surprisingly the only reaction she got was a blush. If anyone else would have pulled a stunt like that you would have got a “What the heck is wrong with you?!” or “I don’t like you like that!”.

Nakaimo- my sister is among them #7: Obsession to the next level

 Shogo is still having sister issues and has to go back to square one after last episodes incident. Shogo has had enough of the calls and random school announcements. He just wants to find his sister and get it over with because she is causing him more trouble than he can handle. So he has no choice but to do some DNA testing on the girls. Konone says she doesn’t mind Shogo testing her but Miyabi refuses. Miyabi believes he has other plans with the DNA samples besides testing them. Although he denies that he wouldn’t do anything else there is still some room for suspicion. He is a boy, he can’t fight his male hormones. At least he is not taking pictures of them behind bushes and stalking them on a daily bases.


I know many of you are thinking “what is up with the lame title?” Well I watched Kokoro Connect episode #7  and as many of you may know their desires are being unleashed. Iroi’s desire is unleashed because of the tension in the classroom and shouts “Yahoo!” in the middle of a quiz. So I’ve been shouting “Yahoo!” all day when it gets quiet. But anyways, that is the reason for the title. (I am so weird xD )

Kokoro Connect #7

Yui has not been coming to school since the incident that happened last episode, when she beat up several boys and got arrested. The club is getting concerned so they go over to her house to check up on her. Yui tells them to leave but despite her request they enter her room thanks to Inaba.

They find out that Yui has been hiding in her room because she doesn’t want an incident like last time to happen again. So if she stays away from people she can not hurt anyone. When Inaba hears this her desire is unleashed and shares her true feelings about situation.

After sharing some very intense feelings with Yui she keeps quiet the next day at school. Taichi being the usual selfless freak goes to talk to Inaba. But during the conversation Taichi’s desire is unleashed and he shares his true feelings with Inaba. Causing Inaba  to walk away frustrated and in tears.


With everyone sharing their true feelings more people are getting hurt. Will their friendship survive or break from all the misunderstanding?

Dog Days #7

I really enjoyed this episode so I don’t want  to spoil it for those of you who haven’t seen it. So, I will tell you just a bit of what is going on. Well the new interesting characters are back from last episode, the Demon King and Hero King. Our characters are having a mouse problem. Someone call the exterminator because they’re gonna need it.

Everyone  is getting younger and I mean younger. They are so cute ❤

Well everyone except for Sink and the Prince. Lets just say they are 10 times manlier than last time.

But even with the age changes and giant demon mouse our heroes save the day once again.

Dogs and Desires


Kokoro Connect

A school culture club becomes closer as they deal with some unfortunate problems. It all started when Yui and Aoki came to the club with an insane issue. Aoki and Yui tell their friends that they switched bodies last night but no one believes them. But they come to find out its not a joke and no one is laughing now. Everyday this group of friends swap bodies. You would think of this as something unusual unless your Lisnday Lohan from Freaky Friday. But it doesn’t stop there because our dear friends problems just keep getting worst. In this weeks episode (ep.6) our friends get paid a visit from Heartseed, the person behind their body switching.

He tells them that he wants things to be more entertaining for himself so he is now going to uleash their deepest desires. So now they have to find a way to keep chaos from arising or they may have bigger problems. Inaba shows us another side of her as she tries to put the moves on Taichi. Yui also shows us some kick butt moves when she beats up some boys.


With so much to deal with how will our friends survive?


Dog Days Season 2

In the latest episode(ep.6) our friends go to Pastillage for a visit. Cou-sama takes Sink to the “Hill of the Hero King”. Cou-sama tells Sink about the Pastillage’s Hero King Legend. The Hero king and the Demon King were sealed in the monolith on the hill. Cou-sama has Sink help her open the seal hoping a miracle would happen.


Instead a nightmare appears, Valeria Calvados the Demon King. But this so called Demon King did not seem to be a threat to anyone but the girls. The Demon King was more like the “Pervert King” as he harassed Pastillage’s girls.

But once his true power was unleashed it was the beautiful Adelaide the Hero King who came to save the day.

Yes I know the Hero King is a girl. I was surprised too because I was expecting someone more manly and muscular and less feminine. She seems more like a Queen than a King. But believe me she can kick some butt and she is not as girly as she looks. Wherever these crazy characters came from its doesn’t look like they will be leaving anytime soon so expect more of them.  In the end episodes like this one is what makes this show all the more interesting. So if you haven’t been watching it I would start now!