Karneval, Not Carnival

Karneval #1

Aah, the carnival. The parades, the music, the rip-off games everyone loves and let us not forget the cotton candy. Wait! I’m not here to talk about the “carnival” but Karneval. Karneval started off as a manga by Touya Mikanagi and is now this Spring’s new animation series, licensed by Funimation.

Nai is imprisoned in a nice mansion owned by a sexy rich lady.


How did he ended up there? Is he a slave? These questions remain unanswered.


He does mention a person named Karoku, who’s bracelet he wears on his wrist.


Nai and Karoku seem to have a connection. My guess is that they may be childhood friends.

Nai desperately wants to find him and he’s only ticket to freedom is a young criminal.


He seeks help from Gareki, who attempts to rob the mansion. When Gareki escapes he ends up taking Nai with him.

With the police on the look out the two decide to leave town.


Just when they think their good to go they fine themselves in a middle of a kidnapping.


The goddess of good fortune does not appear to be on their side.

They also meet some interesting characters along the way. Each giving off the impression they might know the whereabouts of Karoku. But no one is talking.


Whether Nai knows it or not he is now one step closer to finding Karoku.
This all appears to be just the beginning of this crazy carnival ride.