Cuticle Detective Inaba

Inaba Hiroshi is a werewolf police dog legend. He activates his werewolf powers by chewing on hair. With the help of his assistants Nozaki Kei and Sasaki Yuuta-kun he gets the job done. In the first episode Detective Ogi-san asked Inaba to hunt down Valentino, an evil mastermind who has been stealing Japan’s money. When Inaba goes to find Valentino…you wouldn’t believe what he finds…

A Goat?!

He finds a goat! The big bad thief is a goat. On top of that the only reason he steals the money is to eat it.

Money EaterHe is eating money! He desires a kick in the face from every poor person.

Kick the goatOne down hundred billion more people to go.  That doesn’t include the millions of wealthy people who are wondering where their savings are at.

phone callBesides that the goat hires an assassin named Gabriella to kill Inaba. Gabriella only kills guys over 162 centimeters because she has a short guy fetish.

fetishGabriella sets up trap to meet Inaba by portraying as Inaba’s younger brother, who ran away two years ago and Inaba has been looking for him ever since.

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