Getting Started

Mangirl #2

Shinobu-sensei is creating the storyboard for Comic Earth Star’s Editorial Staff’s first project. Hana, the editor-in-chief doesn’t seem to know how to do her job. The artist ends up telling Hana what to do as she helps her with some suggestions. Although Hana’s knowledge from reading manga does contribute to some ideas, she just wants the protagonists to say her name. Its surprising they even made it this far with the lack of experience they have.

Mangirl episode 2

Mangirl #3

Comic Earth Star’s Editorial Staff go out for a gravure shoot for the magazine. Sakuradai Kiiro was there beautiful model for the day. Even though their were slight problems like Hana blinding the Kiiro with her mirror, the shooting was a success.

Sakuradai Kirro

Sakuradai Kirro (Mangirl!)

Kirro is so cute. I love the pictures they took. I’m sure the magazine will be a hit! Well as long as they don’t screw up…




The first episode of the new season and it only lasted 3 minutes. 3 minutes is just not enough for this series. Your  first introduced to the characters, which have extremely  different personalities. Sasayama Hana is the editor-in-chief with no experience in manga whatsoever.  But she has confident in her staff and the trials ahead of them. Nishijima Ringo on the other hand is the total opposite. She believes that the club won’t last long but she joins it anyway. She is your typical cute and lovable. Torii Aki is the assistant editor-in-chief after she was forced to be because she was black mailed by Hana. Aki and Hana seem to share a history as best friends. Aki comes off as the mature character that keeps everyone focused and attentive. Lastly, Haraki Tsugumi who became my favorite off the back.  She is what I would call a “fatty” but not because she is fat but because she loves food. The only reason she joined was due to Hana’s snack bribery. Put these girls together and you get the Comic Earth Star’s Editorial Staff.

Mangirl!Comic staff