Blood Lad (revised)



Staz is your typical vampire without the long black cape. He is the boss of one of the territories in the Demon World. He enjoys the wonders of the Japanese culture including their women but mostly the manga and anime. A human girl named Fuyumi gets lost in the Demon World. Staz is excited because it is the first time he has seen an actual Japanese girl. During the time he tries to figure out what to do with Fuyumi, she dies and turns into a ghost. Since it was mostly Staz’s fault anyway he promises to bring her back to life. While trying to gather information about how to bring people back to life, Fuyumi tells Staz about the portal she entered to get to the Demon World. After learning about this portal Staz insists they go to the human world and investigate.



Staz is an example of what I like to call a “modern age” vampire. He doesn’t live in a haunted house with cob webs and sleep in a dark, damp coffin. He doesn’t drink human blood but enjoys monstrous food that has the appearance of pizza. He can be lazy and goof off but he knows when it is time to be serious. The Demon World he lives in is basically the underworld twin of Tokyo. Fuyumi is an easy character to fall in love with because she is quiet and reserved. Put a shy human with an rambunctious vampire and you get the strangest, perfect couple. Anyway,the show does have its funny moments which is great because I love comedy. Though I’m confused, I’m not to sure if this show is meant to be about a human in the Demon World or a vampire in the Human World. Either way its going to be interesting.


Hal the Movie (revised)


Hal, is an heartfelt movie about learning how to recover after losing someone you love. A fatal plane accident destroys the love between the couple, Hal and Kurumi. A robot named Q01 is sent to portray as the dead loved one in hopes of showing the other how to live again.

A robot is sent to repair the hearts of a broken relationship. Hal, “the robot”, visits Kurumi during her time of grieving. Hal is told that Kurumi has stopped eating and hasn’t come out of room since the incident. Hal finds out that Kurumi loved solving Rubik’s cubes. On each Rubik’s cube, Kurumi would write down her wishes. Hal decides to solve all of the Rubik’s cubes to uncover Kurumi’s wishes and fulfills each wish to try to lure Kurumi out of her room. 3778990_orig

As Kurumi starts to open up to Hal more, she lets him into her room. During this time, Kurumi shows Hal a red button. This red button carries all of Kurumi’s memories with the “real” Hal in the past. Kurumi shares with Hal her good and bad memories. Apparently, Kurumi and Hal’s relationship was struggling because of serious financial issues. Kurumi shares with Hal that she and Hal had an argument before the plane accident. Kurumi also, tells Hal that the reason she hadn’t left her room was because she was spending her time fixing the button. She holds the button next to Hal’s heart and sews it on his Kimono.  She apologizes to Hal for not being able to fully understand him. 9278420_orig

Hal devotes his time to care for Kurumi and cherishes ever moment with her. Hal’s wish is to see Kurumi smile again and after a trip to a local festival she does. At the end of a wonderful day at the local festival, Hal discovers the sad truth.



Even after the plane accident Kurumi and Hal were still in love. This couple’s heartbreaking story had me crying until the end. The characters struggled with a sense of regret and guilt. The regret of not being able to share their feelings clearly to one another and the guilt of arguing at the airport before departing. During the movie, I noticed that red button was the key to unraveling the truth of their past. We are shown glimpses of their past, which leaves the viewer trying to figure out what happened with the clues left by the characters. The reason I love this movie is because of the sudden twisted at the end. I must warn you though, the movie starts off slow but it is worth watching until the very end.

Kamigami no Asobi (Revised)



In the beginning of the episode, a girl is seen running on what looks like a planet in outer space. The girl is shown crying as she runs toward these guys flying in the air. (Trust me, I was as confused as you are.)

After this short foreshadow, the girl running is introduced as Yui Kusanagi. Yui appears to be a normal high school girl. She spends the morning before the closing ceremony to practice sword fighting. Apparently, Yui has loved swords and martial arts since she was a young girl.


The Kusanagi family lives and works at the local shrine. Yui goes to pray after school and notices a light coming from a near by shed. She goes inside and sees the light coming from a long box on the table. Usually, I would think, when people see strange lights they wouldn’t go anywhere near it but this chick decides she just has to open it. Once Yui notices the sword inside she disappears.

Yui wakes up on the floor of some building she has never seen before. Lost, Yui decides to walk around to see if she can find out where she is, how she got there and how to find a way to get back home.


While she wanders around this unfamiliar building she stumbles upon some beautiful but unfamiliar faces. She attempts to get some information about her situation from each of them, only to find out they are as clueless as she is. After a few encounters with some unfriendly company, Yui becomes nervous and makes finding the way out her top priority.

After while, Yui meets Zeus. Zeus explains why Yui and the others were sent there. He thought it would a great idea to build a  Academy on an island in the middle of nowhere and turn into a school for gods. Yes, the several beautiful men walking around the Academy are gods from different regions. Zeus wants the gods to be educated about love and humanity, which is why he kidnapped Yui. Yui completely freaks out after hearing this. She demands that Zeus sends her back home but he tells her she cannot leave until she educates the naive gods.


The Academy that Zeus made looks freaking amazing! I mean, if I was Yui I don’t know if I would be in a rush to get home anytime soon. Also, While I watched this episode I could not help but to pause the show every 5 seconds to look at all of the outstanding details of this castle.

As Yui meets the different gods in the Academy with her I couldn’t help but notice that she has a “thing” for blondes. She is constantly blushing when she meets Bladr and Apollon. They also seem to be attracted to her as well. Bladr uses his clumsiness as an excuse to get closer to her and Apollon greets her with a kiss on the neck. These gods are extremely bold.


Overall, this anime seems like it will be another interesting reverse harem.


Many people collect items as an hobby. Some people collect coins, some collect stamps and others collect old Marvel comics. I, on the other hand, am beginning my collection of anime figures. I have already started ordering new figures this weekend from Amazon and eBay. I love how cute the little nendoroids are especially, the Miku nendoroids from Vocaloid… but now I’m getting off topic. Anyways, when collecting a person needs to have some type of insight on what the latest items are and where you can them. If you enjoy collecting anime figures as much as I do or your planning on starting soon than I know the perfect website to help you get started. That website my fellow Secret Anime Lovers is The Anime Collectionary.

What is the Collectionary?

The Collectionary was built to create a Dictionary of everything in the world that people collect. There are hundreds of e-commerce sites, but there is no dedicated place where you can learn about different items.  Whether it’s the history, facts, or unique attributes regarding a Animeicular collectible or item, they wanted to give people a place to learn about the collectibles we love. The Collectionary is not only a home to Anime collectors but others as well. Some of my favorites are the Hello Kitty Collectionary, the Manga Collectionary and the Disney Collectionary. Their purpose is to give visitors a site where they will enjoy browsing all types of amazing collectibles that were ever created. Visitors can look at many of the nostalgic items on their site with possibility of even bringing back many fond memories as a child or another time in your life. Collectionary wants people to learn about Collectibles and find out where those items are for sale.

How does the Collectionary work?

For those of you who have never been the Collectionary site I am going to explain what to expect. Once you go the Anime Collectionary site there is a search box at the top of the page. In the search box you can type in whatever your looking for, for example, I typed in the word “Miku”. Once I typed in what I was looking for an entire list of Miku items appeared on my screen. After scrolling through the list I found an item I wanted to know more about so, I click on it’s picture. For those of you who are wondering what item I choose it was the, GSC Nendoroid Character Vocal Series 01 Hastune Miku 2.0 + Pouch Miku Ver. BniB. A screen should pop up and give you details on the item you chose. It will give you a brief description, the brand, the size, the type, the year it was made and where you can buy it. Its just that simple!

GSC Nendoroid Character Vocal Series 01 Hastune Miku 2.0 :



  • Brand – Good Smile Company
  • Size – 100mm
  • Type- Action Figure
  • Year – 2012
  • The potential place of purchase is eBay 

I also, found the item when I went to Amazon for those people who don’t purchase items from anywhere else BUT Amazon.

If your looking for at site that has the info on the latest anime figures than the Anime Collectionary is the place to go to. They are also, looking for moderators to help increase their dictionary. If you have nothing else do or you enjoy collecting figurines than why not sign-up? For those of you who love your social networks, you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter. Below are some of the other items I looked at while browsing.



New Year All New Post


Happy New Year to everyone who has been following my post. I have been hard at work on my new site. I have posted a new review on Winter 2014 anime series, Engaged to the Unidentified. Click for link. I have also been affiliated with RightStuf for some time now so, come view my AniShop page. Click for link. The page shows you the products I personally like from RightStuf and what I think about them. If you click the “view/purchase”, it will send you to the website to view more info on the item and/or purchase it. Prices do vary so I don’t put them on site because I can’t keep up with all the changes. For those of you who don’t know is an online anime store. I hope this year is awesome for everyone. If you ever want to chat, there is a discussion page on my Official site. Click for link.

My Summer 2013 List

Summer 2013

Finally, My Summer anime list has been completed! It was difficult to decide but I have narrowed it down to these few so, expect some awesome reviews this summer. (;

Blood Lad


Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist

Maka Ouji



Brothers Conflict


Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi


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