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Engaged to the Unidentified (revised)



An high school girl named Kobeni Yonomori wakes up on her 16th birthday with a day full of surprises. To start off this wonderful day Kobeni finds out that she is engaged. Her fiancee’s name is Hakuya Mitsumine and he will be living with Kobeni for now on. Apparently, their marriage arrangement was made by her deceased grandfather. This was one birthday present she wanted to send back. Oh! There is one tiny detail that I may have forgotten to mention. Not only will Hakuya be moving in but his little sister Mashiro as well. With so much going on at once Kobeni loses it. She now has to deal with Benio (her crazy big sister), the unexpected arrival of her fiancee and his little sister. To top it all off, both Hakuya and his sister have transferred to Kobeni’s school. Kobeni is afraid that her classmates will make fun of her if they find out that Hakuya is her fiance.Though it looks like hiding it may be harder than she thinks.



My favorite character at the moment is Benio, Kobeni’s older sibling. She has an intense case of sister-complex. She tells Kobeni that she wants to spend the rest of her life taking care of her. Which is sweet and creepy all the same time. Now that Mashiro has moved in the situation has taken a turn for the worst. Benio has set her eyes on Mashiro and she has become Benio’s next victim. Poor Mashiro becomes terrified of Benio after they first meet. Benio has claimed Mashiro as her “loli” and does not plan to let her go. Though I don’t blame Benio because Mashiro is so adorable. I just want to turn her into my own personal teddy bear so, that I can squeeze her all day long and… *clears throat* Anyways, Benio may have a sister-complex and a loli problem at home but at school she is completely different. She is quite popular and great at athletics. The whole student body can’t get enough of her. If only they knew what she was like at home.


Hakuya, Kobeni’s fiancee is actually sweet despite his appearance. He was raised his whole life knowing that one day he would marry Kobeni. He plays his role as her fiancee perfectly and protects her like a man should. He does have a few flaws here and there like the fact that he is clumsy, he isn’t good with his words and can sometimes seem a bit dumbfounded. Other than those minor issues he is (for some of us) a girl’s ideal boyfriend. It seems that Hakuya ad Kobeni have meet before when they were younger so, I can’t wait to hear that story. Love is in the air and I am so excited!


Blood Lad (revised)



Staz is your typical vampire without the long black cape. He is the boss of one of the territories in the Demon World. He enjoys the wonders of the Japanese culture including their women but mostly the manga and anime. A human girl named Fuyumi gets lost in the Demon World. Staz is excited because it is the first time he has seen an actual Japanese girl. During the time he tries to figure out what to do with Fuyumi, she dies and turns into a ghost. Since it was mostly Staz’s fault anyway he promises to bring her back to life. While trying to gather information about how to bring people back to life, Fuyumi tells Staz about the portal she entered to get to the Demon World. After learning about this portal Staz insists they go to the human world and investigate.



Staz is an example of what I like to call a “modern age” vampire. He doesn’t live in a haunted house with cob webs and sleep in a dark, damp coffin. He doesn’t drink human blood but enjoys monstrous food that has the appearance of pizza. He can be lazy and goof off but he knows when it is time to be serious. The Demon World he lives in is basically the underworld twin of Tokyo. Fuyumi is an easy character to fall in love with because she is quiet and reserved. Put a shy human with an rambunctious vampire and you get the strangest, perfect couple. Anyway,the show does have its funny moments which is great because I love comedy. Though I’m confused, I’m not to sure if this show is meant to be about a human in the Demon World or a vampire in the Human World. Either way its going to be interesting.